Intelligent, pre-installed cameras that capture every moment in 4K resolution.


One of the most powerful features in the Spiideo system is the Virtual Panorama and Autofollow. The virtual panorama allows users to view anywhere on the field at any time. Just pan, tilt and zoom to see anywhere on the field/court. When selected, the autofollow feauture acts as a virtual cameraman, following the flow of the game as if it were a real cameraman.

The autofollow is perfect for broadcasting games, watching long sequences, or viewing an entire match.

During live or post-game viewing, users independently operate the Spiideo system. It is very easy to switch back and forth from the the virtual panorama and autofollow while viewing. You are in control.

iPad & Mobile Recording

Want to save hours of uploading, sharing, and editing training or games you have filmed?

Spiideo's mobile recordings make these videos instantly accessible. Once you start a mobile recording, you can share it live or immediately after for other users to access. 

●1080p HD (4K coming soon)
● Start recordings on your mobile or iPad device
● Live streaming and viewing
● Share recordings with other users
● Live tagging
● Pinch and zoom within the camera shot
● Fast and slow motion
● Screen record and export clips
● Cloud-based (no storage on device)

Drawing Tools

The drawing functionality provides features such as: free-hand drawing, arrows, areas and measurement tools to be used in the video. Drawings are visualized directly on top of the video on a 3D plane, so they are fixed on the field as the video plays. This is a feature that can be used during live video playback, as well as in replay mode.

● Powerful drawing tools for learning and development
● Freehand drawing
● Arrows
● Areas
● Measure distances
● Change colors
● Drawings stay on the plane of the field and can be viewed from different angles

Live Access & League Exchange

Spiideo makes videos more accessible than ever before. Anytime a recording is made with Spiideo, whether it is with fixed 4K cameras or mobile iOS devices, the recording can be shared for live access.

This powerful feature allows viewers to watch, share, tag and analyze as the game is going on!

● Watch or scout games from anywhere
● Share or access games in seconds
● Post clips live to social media with the screen recording button
● Time-stamp key moments as they happen with Spiideo's live tagging
● Replay key moments for players during training, halftime, or immediately after the game