Spiideo now being used in 14 NCAA Conferences

Picture Credit:
Matthew Delicâte
October 2, 2018

CineSports, the North American partner of Spiideo, is now working with over 40 Division I NCAA programs across 14 conferences including the ACC, AAC, MAC, Big West, A10, SEC, BIG12, BIG10, BIG8, CAA, MAAC, AEC, ASUN and The Ivy League.

With a fixed 4K camera solution and a mobile recording solution, Spiideo is changing how coaches and athletes use video on a daily basis. Spiideo gives the ability to start a recording on the training ground and/or stadium with the touch of a button on a smartphone, tablet or computer. With powerful embedded analysis tools, Spiideo is making the workflow and video efficiency better than ever before for collegiate programs.

“It’s been an exciting few months” says Matthew Delicâte, CineSports Co-Owner. “Getting to work with so many top collegiate programs including several National Champions is an honor and very humbling. Assisting these great programs in developing their athletes is amazing and we hope this will help in their ultimate goal of winning a national championship .”

The beauty of the Spiideo system is that as more and more teams install Spiideo 4K cameras, not only will they be able to access live recordings on their home pitch and training ground, but now also their road games when away from home. The typical turn around to get footage can take 24-48 hours for a college team. In a fast and frantic college season, the next game might only be 48 hours away. With Spiideo, there is no waiting. It's live, it's powerful and it can give a team the edge.

“The fact that you can pull up a key moment on video and show the team during halftime at your home AND away game is pretty incredible” says Nate Shiffman, CineSports Co-Owner. “ Teams now have the ability to show players live and at the most teachable, critical moments when they matter”

Teams have the ability to find a key moment live on the sideline or locker room, pinch and zoom to any relevant part of the field due to the full panoramic view the Spiideo cameras capture. Changing camera angles from sideline to end zone views is also a very useful feature and gives the coaches and players a different perspective they may not have had before. In addition, coaches can draw, measure and present to an athlete or the team, allowing better visualization, relaying the coaches ideas with much more clarity. In effect, Spiideo is a literal game changer.

If you are interested in having Spiideo installed for your program or organization please contact and schedule a demo today.

October 1, 2018