Game Video and Youth Athletes

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Jessica Stone Hendricks
Matthew Delicâte
May 5, 2018

CineSports has been providing game video for athletes for over 2 years. Filming over 160,000 minutes of footage, helping athletes develop, get recruited and provide a lifetime of memories of the sports they love. Being a 17 year college/professional athlete, obtaining a USSF “A” License (13+ years of youth coaching) and dad of 6 in a blended family, I will provide the unique perspective of the athlete, coach and parent.  

Athlete perspective

Athletes like to watch the good stuff. An imperative part of being an athlete is having a short term memory metality. Not dwelling on a mistake. How many times have you seen a error by an athlete only for them to redeem themselves later in the game? When watching game film, it’s good to keep that short term memory mentality. Watch the good stuff and reinforce confidence (mental imagery) and skip over the bad stuff, no need to focus on negative moments. In the athlete’s mind, you are essentially trying to eliminate any doubt. Doubt in an athlete's mind can be catastrophic. The placebo effect is real.

Coach perspective

Contrary to the athlete’s mindset, the coach is looking for these negative moments during play and analyzing how to improve and fix for future games. For professional and collegiate programs, access to analyzed game film is much easier and seamless compared to that of a youth team. The trouble for many youth coaches is getting affordable, quality game film and then finding time to break down the video. Then it must be disseminated to the team in a timely manner to be an effective teaching tool. That is the beauty of what CineSports now brings youth teams and coaches. An all in one tool for recording, analyzing and sharing. Simplicity and accessibility are in focus. Learn more about what CineSports services can do here.

Parent perspective

Naturally, parents want their athletes to succeed. So we must begin by defining what success in sports means. Does it mean they will play for their country? Play in college? Win a state championship? There are many ways to measure success. Would you be happy if your athlete won a state championship and had sat on the bench for the entire game? For me, it’s about having a passionate, self-driven athlete with a positive attitude. A teammate that thinks of what is best for the team in any given moment over what’s best for him or her.
My hope is that my athlete wants to watch game video, to learn and see their great moments and use it to create more self confidence and belief in themselves. An athlete that can listen to their coaches’ feedback without getting upset or taking it personally, an athlete that strives everyday to improve to be the best they can be.

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November 29, 2017